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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Another picture of Lacey and Rugen.

Crazy Rooster Man

This is Zuzue. My Americauna rooster, unfortunately I need to find him a new home. He's a really friendly, beautiful rooster, but for some reason he has been bullying my favorite Hen. And I know I just posted all those chicks that I'm going to be butchering but I couldn't make myself do that to Zuzue. He's been a pet, you know? And I actually have some Americauna eggs incubating...he's gonna be a daddy! If you happen to want a rooster...Please let me know. 
(His nick name is Crazy Rooster Man)

Freedom Rangers

You ever wonder what 60 chicks look like? Well, you know, it's not the sight of the amount that got to me, it was the deafening noise that 60 chicks can make! My goodness they are loud!
And yes. I did just have 60 chicks arrive at my house. I may be crazy, but I'm excited. they are all Freedom Rangers, I am raising them for the freezer, well, some are for our freezer but I will be selling about half of them after butcher. I will keep updating their progress. When we lived in NY my parents raised meat birds, they raised the ugly white ones that stink, sitting around getting fat. These ones are a heritage breed, which, I've been told, live a normal chicken life and act like chickens right up until butchering. Also when they raised the white broilers, I had nothing to do with them, so really, I've never done this before. A new farming adventure! It is a lot of birds...

Pippi's Babies

Pippi Kidded the afternoon of the 24th. She had a girl and a boy both of which were huge and strong right away. It doesn't really surprise me, considering their mother. I brought out all my newborn baby goat coats and none of them fit! They are wearing the same size coats as my three week old babies! The girl is the red, brown colored on, and the boy is the creamy, Palomino. Neither have any moon spots at all, the only real marking is a dark line down the doeling's spine. I named them Lacey and Rugen. Count Tyrone Rugen to be precise. That's the name of the six fingered man in Princess Bride, in case you were wondering! They are both beautiful! They are easily my favorite babies I've ever had born. I will be hanging on to Lacey and I can't even tell you how much I want to keep Rugen. I have to control myself though, keeping a boy is out of the question...But that doesn't mean I don't want to :) Lacey is very cute though, and they both have such sweet temperaments! 


Crazy mamma goat
Pippi and the Babies
Babies, about half an hour old

Elesmera kidded also, she had one little doeling. Unfortunately there was something wrong with her when she was born and she only lived to be about twenty-four hours old. I named her Jane. 


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Still Writing

So, I am nearing the end of week three of this novel adventure. The story is going pretty well, my word count however...let's just say it's not as impressive as last time I posted on it. I have been writing very diligently thought. Writing writing writing. Here's another random clip:

“Oh, good! I haven’t either and I’m starved. Let’s make some spaghetti.”  Becky busied herself banging pots and finding jars of sauce and boxes of noodles. Savanah suspected spaghetti and sauce to be the only meal Becky knew how to make. This was not the first time Becky had gone through this loud and crazy procedure.
                “Becky, I can make something if you want.”
                “No! No! You did all the chores. I’ll do dinner.”
                “But you always make the same thing!” Savanah teased
                “I can’t help it if I love noodles so much!” She laughed back
                “Becky! Do you know how to make anything else?”
                “Of course I do!” Becky said sounding truly insulted. “I can do Elbows, Ziti, Rigatoni, Bowties, many things!”

                Savanah only laughed and proceeded to open the sauce and pour it into a small pot that Becky had taken out.

 It's very interesting to me how much my story has evolved as I write it. It is true what they say, the characters really have a mind of their own. Savanah is doing things never would have predicted her to do. The whole story keeps taking one unexpected turn after another...it's REALLY cool! 

I'll post more later

Friday, 18 April 2014


My girl lexie dreams of one day being a famous model for William Wegman.
Dream on lexie girl!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

My Novel

The No Plot No Problem kit says to share excerpts of my story from time to time, but to never say what it's about and not to let anyone read the whole thing. 
    Here's just a random bit that I typed yesterday. 

    "A few more people said a hello to Becky and it was so nice to see her, and “how are you?”s were shared. Most of the other people there, Savannah noted, were borderline elderly. Does Becky really have so few friends that she has to spend time with these guys?  Savannah pondered. And every one seemed like they knew Becky; calling her by name.
                “Becky? Why do all those people know you?” She asked straight out on their walk home. “They are all kind of old and, well, boring.”
                “Froggy. Age makes no difference at all. It only decides who is supposed to leave this earth first. Older people have so much knowledge, and stories, locked up in their head. The best things I've learned in life I learned from those 'old' people in there." 

      I'll post another little piece in a few days or so. 

I am doing very well. Yesterday I typed 1,000 words over my daily goal of 1,667 words. It's a good thing to because today I'm just not feeling it. It must be that sunshine through the window, finally melting all that snow. Plus it doesn't help that I was digging through my garden books; I'm itching to plant things! 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

One More Post

I do have to share just one more thing before I get back to my story. This is my little helper dude. He sits on my desk as I'm typing away, then if I hit a rough spot I put him into funny poses. I think he's awesome! 

No Plot No Problem

This is a novel writing course I started on the first on this month. It's a kit/course to help you write a 50,000 word novel in one month's time. It's a very well done kit. I really like Chris Baty's teaching and writing style. He has many ways to help you stay on track and committed while your writing (I have to write approximately 1,667 words per day). One thing he tells is to tell a lot of people what you're doing and to have many people to keep you accountable and to check up on you. Then he goes on to say that it would be a good idea to start a blog...don't need to do that do I? So hopefully I'll post a whole lot this month on my writing project. I had a very full day yesterday and got a little behind. So back to work I go.
It's like a challenge, and I'm always up for a good challenge. 

This is what I've seen the most of these past couple days

Margaret and Thornton

          Faye kidded yesterday While I was working at the Library. My mom and sister delivered them. Margaret is the Buckskin and Thornton is black and white. I'm very tempted to be keeping Margaret. Faye's udder is even more amazing than it was last year. Either way, she's not going any where very soon. They are both very lively for only just being borne. Unlike Matilda's babies, who are still quite mellow. Thornton is really shy but already playing with the other kids! 
         Fezzik and Vezzini left last night. I do miss them a little, but Buttercup, Westley, Margaret, and Thornton are more than enough to keep me occupied. 


I went out side to feed the goats and Buttercup was sitting like this. I opened the door and she just continued sitting! It wasn't till I put my camera away that she actually stood up. This sitting, actually runs in her family. Her aunt and her grandmother both do it frequently. So Cute. I love the 'Patch' under her eye.