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Monday, 31 March 2014

Baby chicks on the way!

Mamma and Papa to be.
Lady Bird on left
I've had Lady bird a good long time now and she finally laid me some eggs! I'm so excited to have baby Cockatiels! Luckily the incubation is only eighteen days. She diligently sits on them and really only gets off of them to eat. The way Cockatiels are supposed to do it is the mother sits on them at night and the male during the day, obviously no one told Darius that. She doesn't seem to mind though. I am making sure to give her lots of yummy snacks, She is getting eggs and/or peanut butter almost daily so she has plenty of energy for all that sitting! She has five eggs, but she keeps surprising me by laying more so you never know if that number might change. She actually layed six but one broke.  I will certainly post pictures when they hatch! It's so exciting.

Bedroom Restyled

To be oh so honest my sister Mary and I never really kept a clean room. We were not organized, which leads to nothing having a proper place, which leads to mess. Plus our walls were light purple. I didn't mind the walls when we first painted them like that...it got old fast! I hated the light purple, I now have sinister feeling towards the color lilac. Any way, our mother wanted to do our room over for us, I was not having that. period. So I switched it around on her. I told her I wanted to do it over and she wasn't allowed in till it was 100% done. She agreed to that with enthusiasm and brought us to get paint. I told Mary what I wanted to do and she was great in letting me go with almost every thing I wanted to do. We went with the colors Granite Grey, Exotic Peacock Plume (my new favorite color!), and River Delta Blue for the walls and trim. I wanted dark purple and took a paint sample of Fresh Grape Juice but didn't actually use any purple paint on the walls, only purple accents. Oh and that's all Glidden paint from Walmart. And I got silver and dark purple spray paint. Mary and I got to work right away. We first took every thing out of our room except for our beds. I didn't realize how much stuff we had that we didn't need or use. We are totally having a yard sale this summer! Then we painted and I brought the things back in and arranged them the way I wanted while Mary organized and made the surfaces pretty. I wish now that I had taken a picture of what it looks like before...or maybe it's a good thing I didn't. Obviously the pictures aren't like the rooms in designer magazines, there are two teenage girls all their things and a cat and four birds living here. It's lived in. But here you are. 
I needed these storage boxes for my fabric and things but they were awful ugly so I took some old curtains (that amazingly matched) and made cushions for them, Using a old blanket cut up as filler.   

My bow had to be hung, and it's blue so it matches. I has some white lights and I draped them over and around the bow. I love my lights. I barely use my bedside light any more. I think the little lights make a romantic feel about the room.

I had this star but it was green...so I painted it with the dark blue and while it was still wet rubbed the paint with a rag to make the silvery design show through. You can't really see it in the photo.  I Love my star too!
We saw this at Walmart and could leave it there

Mary's bed 
I sprayed an old frame purple and hung it on the wall above her bed then stuck the blue M inside it. 

We only had a couple photos but I took each one out of their frame, painted the frame and put the pictures on a background of matching colors. This one is me and My brothers 

The door and trim is all grey

Lila helped, actually the whole things really confused her

Mary Painting

Thank you Mary for snapping a couple of me. 

I love my bedroom. I just go up there to hang out or read, or blog. I always did those things downstairs before. I also use my desk a lot more now. AND...we are maintaining it. It's Perfect.
My friend actually wants me to do her room now. I'm excited for the challenge. I really enjoyed the whole process, so why not do it again?

Matilda's Babies

Buttercup's first steps

Matilda kidded on the 28th around three thirty in the afternoon.  She had a girl and a boy, and they are so darn tiny!  I'm calling them Buttercup and Westley. Tilly is such a good mamma, and she doesn't mind Leipchen's kids in there with her at all.

Baby Westley, a couple hours old
Tilly cleaning Westley
Fezzik welcoming his new aunt into the world
Westley two days old

Mamma and grandma

Update on the boys

Fezzik and Vezzini are doing great! They are almost three weeks old now and they have the biggest personalities. I don't actually think I'll miss them when they go. Sure I love em and they're adorable, but someone else will love them too. And besides,  there are many more coming!
And yes, Fezzik is in a pink shirt. I didn't have a boys' coat that would fit him.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Baby goats borne today

 Leipchen kidded this morning around 10 am. She had two Adorable boys!
We are calling the grey one Fezzik and the buckskin Vezzini. Any one seen The Princess Bride?(Shame on you if you haven't)
     So this is my first kids this year, hopefully a sure sign of Winter coming to a close.
Both of these gosh darn cute babies will be for sale in a couple weeks when they are old enough. And I hope to have many more real soon! I know Larissa at Tiny Hill Farm will also be selling many kids this year.
Leipchen pulled the same trick she did last year. She had them without me. 
I had just come in the barn from checking on her and not ten minutes later I plug the monitor in and I hear babies crying. She had already had them both! 
All Dried Off Now