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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Due Dates

My does are all bred (fingers crossed)
Due dates are:
Pippi - March 20 - Linus
Laura - March 23 - Linus*
Faye - March 26 - Linus
Elesmera - March 29 - Linus
Matilda - May 1 - Peewee
Faye - May 2 - Peewee*
Laura - May 2 - Peewee
Margaret - May 23 - Peewee
Lacey - May 23-25 - Peerwee

Linus and Peewee are both from Tiny Hill Farm

If you are interested in Nigerian Dwarf goats please let me know. I will have Doelings, Young Wethers, and possibly Does in Milk for sale. You can let me know of your interest ahead of time and I can keep you posted personally. If you have any questions feel free to ask. (See contacts page)

*Faye and Laura each have two due dates. The marked two are the most likely dates.