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Friday, 12 October 2012


My chicken Zippy/Zipporah has died. I'm unsure how, I found her dead in the coop when I was feeding the chickens their dinner. She was a polish and I know the fancier breeds are often fragile and easily catch passing germs that may not affect other chickens at all. I do feel rather silly posting a chicken's death - and if it were any other chicken I would hardly fuss over it at all. But Zippy was a pet. I took her for walks (Yes, walks, like a dog on a leash) and I tied her "hair" up with ribbons.
And I suppose writing is my favorite ways of releasing my feelings, so here I am... typing away.

P.S. I didn't know this until just now what the name Zipporah means. I named her after a girl in a book I read and I just looked up the meaning of her name and guess what it means? 'Bird'. And I had no idea that it meant bird when I named her that.

Pumpkin Saturday!

Today for Pink Saturday- as Beverly has said to- I'm posting pumpkins! She also said to say what I'm doing this weekend but sadly, I wont be doing hardly anything...I've got an cold. But what ever, it happens!
 We didn't have a great garden this year, it was mostly weeds and not many veggies...however we managed, some how, to get EIGHT pumpkins out of it! They are all beautiful pumpkins too!
So this Saturday I'm posting a couple that I've decorated with pink ribbons. Gotta love pink!
Well happy pink/pumpkin Saturday every one and I hope you all have a GREAT weekend

My hammock

I have a hammock that I often hang up in my goat stall to lay on while I read, nap, or just stay for hours on end watching the goats and thinking. Many times my friend and I will lay together on the hammock, kick off our shoes and chat. Well the other day she came over with her two baby goats and we set up the hammock. Well my two youngest babies, as they often do, hopped up on the hammock with us...then my friends two babies decided to follow suit and join the party! That made for two teen girls and four goats. We estimated that to be over 300 pounds of weight on the old and ripped and goat-chewed hammock. We half expected it to fall off the wall any minute...It didn't though. And the goats fell asleep for nearly an hour until someone came out with a camera and they decided they were camera shy and had to wake up and get down. So my mom just managed to snap this picture, but I think it's a great one! Have a good week end!