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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Doe in Milk for sale

Lacey is a purebred, registered Nigerian Dwarf Goat, currently in milk. Her first freshening was this May. She had two healthy doelings. She stands well being milked, by either hand or machine.
I am willing to dry her off if you would like her to not be in milk. She would make an excellent pet, or she could also be bred again this fall. She is 2 years old. $350

Monday, 20 June 2016

2016 Kids

I had a rather disappointing and unlucky spring. Most of the does that I bred didn't end up pregnant.
Faye kidded first, on May 18th. For her 4th time kidding she had one kid. a beautiful blue eyed doeling. Lacey kidded 10 days later, on the 28th, super early in the morning. It was her first freshening, with two little girls. One with blue eyes! And that's it. Just three adorable little girls this year.
Faye's baby, Violet, has been sold to Tiny Hill Farm. So I'll be able to see her grown up and see what kids she has when she's bred in a year or so.

Faye's kid, Violet

Lacey's kids


I still have Lacey's kids and am bottle feeding them to make them extra friendly.
Lacey didn't want anything to do with them when they were born, so I've been mamma goat since the first day! They are the cutest little things.