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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Piano Lessons

So, I did finish my story, on the 30th of last motnth. It was a great feeling. Of course there's a lot of editing still to do, but it has an end! It is called Piano Lessons, though it's not necessarily about piano lessons. It's more about God's love for us.
Any way, I had a blast writing it and it has got me in such a writing mood that I just can't stop myself. I have started many other stories, some of which I think will be much better than Piano Lessons, and I can't type them fast enough. It's very exciting. I have a friend who loves writing just as much as I do, so that has also been fun; sharing ideas, sharing our stories, you know, having writer's discussions. It's also neat because I know my stories wouldn't be as good without her, and I'm sure she could say the same. We do freely give each other ideas, and advice concerning our stories, if one of us has an idea for the other's story we don;t let it go unspoken - even if it's a little out there! But it's been great!
I will continue to post excerpts from what I'm working on with the title of the story, assuming it has one. I will not post a list of all the ones I'm working on, as I would not expect any one to be able to comprehend it but myself. I will keep you posted on my writing adventure, for it is an adventure. And I don't think it is one that will lead no where.
Please post all your comments and suggestions, I love hearing from you!

Americauna Chicks

I had Zuzue my Americauna rooster and I have Jade my Americauna hen, I had given my friend six of her eggs and they ALL hatched! She gave me two of the chicks. The dark one is Ann and the light one is Kathryn (Katy). I am actually hoping that one will be a rooster, so a name might change. They are so cute! And they get screaming so loud and won't stop unless I hold them, they're silly. 

Saturday, 10 May 2014


I thought this was an adorable picture of Count Rugen. 
So I actually sold Rugen, my cousin bought him! He will be staying here though, so I get to love on him :) He's so cute. I also sold Thornton. and honestly, good riddance. And I've still got the two girls. I'll try to get some pictures of them soon.   


Yes, these truly are the same chicks I showed you two weeks ago. They are not so cute any more. They are fat... really. I lost two the first week, so I'm down to 58, I didn't think that was too bad though. I like my chicks, even if they are fat and ugly. Can't wait to see them on the table! No...honestly I can. 


Friday, 2 May 2014

Pink Saturday

I couldn't get as good a picture of her as I had hoped, she's a squirmy little girl! And they are blurry :( But here is Lacey decked out in her pink bunny costume! Happy Pink Saturday all!