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Monday, 1 June 2015

Last Kidding for the Year

Pippi kidded today, putting a close to kidding season at Still Waters Farm. They were 7 days over due!
She had triplets: two girls and a boy (Belinda, Cassie, and Clark)
It was a very difficult birth for Pippi, thankfully the babies are all active and healthy. Clark was born last and is about half the size of his sisters. The girls (being 7 days over due) are already acting as if they were born a few days ago, the little boy, however, behaves like a premature kid. He will be a healthy strong boy, but right now just needs a little extra attention.
It's a cold a rainy day, so I have all three of them in the house. Lexie (who whelped a week ago) thinks they are just a couple extra puppies! It's really quite adorable. All three kids will be for sale... although this teeny, little boy sure is going to be a hard one to part with.

Lexie and Clark



Lexie and Belinda