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Friday, 12 October 2012


My chicken Zippy/Zipporah has died. I'm unsure how, I found her dead in the coop when I was feeding the chickens their dinner. She was a polish and I know the fancier breeds are often fragile and easily catch passing germs that may not affect other chickens at all. I do feel rather silly posting a chicken's death - and if it were any other chicken I would hardly fuss over it at all. But Zippy was a pet. I took her for walks (Yes, walks, like a dog on a leash) and I tied her "hair" up with ribbons.
And I suppose writing is my favorite ways of releasing my feelings, so here I am... typing away.

P.S. I didn't know this until just now what the name Zipporah means. I named her after a girl in a book I read and I just looked up the meaning of her name and guess what it means? 'Bird'. And I had no idea that it meant bird when I named her that.


  1. Of course all pets go to Heaven! I'm so sorry for your loss and I think it's so sweet how you loved your pet chicken. I think she was beautiful and someone, lots of someones care! Thinking of you Johanna...........


  2. You are not silly and I totally understand. Our chickens are like pets to us and also follow us around for a walk, just like yours. We lost one a month ago to a hawk, which just broke my heart. I went to put them to "bed" and could not find her. Her name was Belle. She was usually the first one to head to the coop for the night. We have had our chickens for almost 3 years and this was a first for us. The other three chickens seem lost without her especially her "sister" Snow. Please know that you are not alone in your sadness. xoxo

  3. Its hard to say goodbye to any pet. Hope you find a new favorite in time.

  4. Johanna, So sorry about your chicken. I love your photo of her with the pink ribbon! Happy Pink Saturday! Marti

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your pet chicken.

    You know, I was reading something recently about the first Passover, how the people were to take a little lamb into their house before it became the lamb that would be slaughtered. I never thought before that the purpose was to endear the family to the lamb so that the sacrifice was more ... real . . . more personal.

    And, of course, we're told about how all things are the LORD's and that He cares about the sparrow that falls, and about us much more than that. Well, with all of that, I see more about my own love for my own pets. And, losing them hurts.

    I can just imagine Zipporah being taken for a walk on a leash. And, I knew the name was Biblical, but not that it means Bird. How very neat that turned out. I get this feeling that it even helps now.

    I've never lived on a farm - but can imagine what you said about their endings-up.

    Thanks for sharing your loss and your thoughts on the whole situation. Take care, Jenn

  6. Sorry to hear that! She is a bird flying around now :-)