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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Baby goats borne today

 Leipchen kidded this morning around 10 am. She had two Adorable boys!
We are calling the grey one Fezzik and the buckskin Vezzini. Any one seen The Princess Bride?(Shame on you if you haven't)
     So this is my first kids this year, hopefully a sure sign of Winter coming to a close.
Both of these gosh darn cute babies will be for sale in a couple weeks when they are old enough. And I hope to have many more real soon! I know Larissa at Tiny Hill Farm will also be selling many kids this year.
Leipchen pulled the same trick she did last year. She had them without me. 
I had just come in the barn from checking on her and not ten minutes later I plug the monitor in and I hear babies crying. She had already had them both! 
All Dried Off Now

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