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Monday, 31 March 2014

Baby chicks on the way!

Mamma and Papa to be.
Lady Bird on left
I've had Lady bird a good long time now and she finally laid me some eggs! I'm so excited to have baby Cockatiels! Luckily the incubation is only eighteen days. She diligently sits on them and really only gets off of them to eat. The way Cockatiels are supposed to do it is the mother sits on them at night and the male during the day, obviously no one told Darius that. She doesn't seem to mind though. I am making sure to give her lots of yummy snacks, She is getting eggs and/or peanut butter almost daily so she has plenty of energy for all that sitting! She has five eggs, but she keeps surprising me by laying more so you never know if that number might change. She actually layed six but one broke.  I will certainly post pictures when they hatch! It's so exciting.

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