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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Freedom Rangers

You ever wonder what 60 chicks look like? Well, you know, it's not the sight of the amount that got to me, it was the deafening noise that 60 chicks can make! My goodness they are loud!
And yes. I did just have 60 chicks arrive at my house. I may be crazy, but I'm excited. they are all Freedom Rangers, I am raising them for the freezer, well, some are for our freezer but I will be selling about half of them after butcher. I will keep updating their progress. When we lived in NY my parents raised meat birds, they raised the ugly white ones that stink, sitting around getting fat. These ones are a heritage breed, which, I've been told, live a normal chicken life and act like chickens right up until butchering. Also when they raised the white broilers, I had nothing to do with them, so really, I've never done this before. A new farming adventure! It is a lot of birds...

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