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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Still Writing

So, I am nearing the end of week three of this novel adventure. The story is going pretty well, my word count however...let's just say it's not as impressive as last time I posted on it. I have been writing very diligently thought. Writing writing writing. Here's another random clip:

“Oh, good! I haven’t either and I’m starved. Let’s make some spaghetti.”  Becky busied herself banging pots and finding jars of sauce and boxes of noodles. Savanah suspected spaghetti and sauce to be the only meal Becky knew how to make. This was not the first time Becky had gone through this loud and crazy procedure.
                “Becky, I can make something if you want.”
                “No! No! You did all the chores. I’ll do dinner.”
                “But you always make the same thing!” Savanah teased
                “I can’t help it if I love noodles so much!” She laughed back
                “Becky! Do you know how to make anything else?”
                “Of course I do!” Becky said sounding truly insulted. “I can do Elbows, Ziti, Rigatoni, Bowties, many things!”

                Savanah only laughed and proceeded to open the sauce and pour it into a small pot that Becky had taken out.

 It's very interesting to me how much my story has evolved as I write it. It is true what they say, the characters really have a mind of their own. Savanah is doing things never would have predicted her to do. The whole story keeps taking one unexpected turn after another...it's REALLY cool! 

I'll post more later

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