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Monday, 26 March 2012

Gideon and Hans

Faye has been very lonely being the only kid on the farm, And the "Adults" didn't really want her hanging out with them. So to help her be less lonely I have borrowed two wethers from Larissa to keep her company.
Larissa doesn't usually name her wethers... I told her that if any nameless animal was coming to my house that it would end up with a "Nick Name"! She was okay with that!

First we had Gideon (Or Gid!). Him and Hans are Tilly's brothers (Different dad, same mother), Gideon looked a lot like her... in the face any way!
Gideon and Faye got along great but he has a new home now. He's been adopted by some one who wants to bring him on her walks every day! I think he'll be happy!
I will miss Gid!

Me and Hans!

Just today Hans came to stay with his half sis' for a while. Same dad, different mum! It get's very confusing! But don't worry... there's no inbreeding!
I really haven't gotten to know Hans yet. Faye seems to like him and My mom really likes him! She picked the name. His coloring and markings are very pretty, but I have to say I like Gideon's temperament!

Here's Faye and Hans

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