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Monday, 12 March 2012

Faye Again

I took Faye out side today with the herd. It was such a beautiful day today and I wanted to see what Matilda and Pippi thought of her. They both gently head butt her a little at first. I was going to go scold them but decided that they weren't hurting her and they had to learn to accept her and she had to learn how to be in a herd. Eventually they stooped butting and only gave her warnings if she came too close. I was happy with how Faye was fitting in and how healthy she was acting.
Annika is a good mommy but not the best I've seen. I've heard of mommies who protect their baby kids and stay by them all the time. Annika lets her nurse and cleans her when she's dirty but other than that she would much rather be with the herd! That's okay though, I think she'll get better, this is just her first time kidding.

Okay, so so far all I've posted on here is my new baby...you all must think This is a pretty boring blog! Don't worry, I will eventually post more!

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