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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Shaved Goats

We got all the goats clipped for the summer. It will make Tilly's cart training easier in multiple ways. The harness will no longer pull at her fur and she will be a lot cooler. She gets so hot in the summer. Now I have pictures of them clipped but I completely forgot to take before pictures so I will just pull up some old ones. I only remembered to take "in the process" pictures of Faye.

I put the milking stand in a bush so they could eat to occupy themselves! Get's their mind off the clipping!
Don't you just LOVE my milking stand!? It was my Birthday present from my grand mother! It's AWESOME!!!!
I was very surprised when I shaved the buckskins...They completely changed colors! All those white spots onLeibchen were dark brown! The same thing happened with Faye witch you'll be able to see in the before and after pictures- I'll post those in their own posts. it will make it easier on my part.


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