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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dairy Day

Larissa from Tiny Hill Farm and I went over to the Farmer's Museum in Milton for their Dairy day. We brought four goats, three generations... Tilly's momma, Varla, Tilly, and Tilly's two babies. It was neat.  
 A happy little family! Wait, where's Leia? I see her! 
 Leibchen loves the new hay feeder!
 Watch Out! Here comes Grandma! 

 We got show goat pictures of the babies! Just for fun! 

 We did a milking demonstration, not very many people were as interested in it as I thought would be. We milked Tilly and Varla.
 Larissa also had some of her chicks with us. I'd tell you what breeds but the only ones I remember is turkeys and silkies....and that the chickens are four dollars each and the turkeys are eight, and she hatched them out at home. 
Sorry, that's all the info I've got...check her web site for more, the link is above.

I brought Leibchen and Leia over to see the two driving horses, Leia was a little scared of them, especially the one that kept nudging her in the face! But Leibchen had a funny bonding with them! They kept smelling and nosing each other, it was funny. 

It was a fun day! And a great way, I think, for people to become aware of Larissa's farm and the things she's selling.  The weather stayed nice for us too. About an hour after we got home it started thundering and down pouring! A Huge Storm....And hail! I'm just glad the weather waited for us. It was a nice day, I think we both had fun....Or should I say all six of us had fun! Though the babies were really tired afterwards, It was a big day for them!

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