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Monday, 7 May 2012

Here are more pictures of my babies! I took them away from the mom today and bottle fed them. they both accepted the bottle just fine. Tilly's not to crazy about being away from her babes. She and her 'sisters' are in the back pen while the babies are in the front pen, Tilly keeps hollering to her kids. It's heart breaking to hear but she'll get over it quickly. 
 Top is Leia, Bottom is Leabchen
 Both Leibchen
 Left is Leia right is Leibchen.
 You remember these coats? they are the same ones I had on Faye! The blue and green one I got at the same place that I got the plaid ones.
 Let's not forget Faye! Shes a great big sister! She's already teaching them how to head butt, jump around, and nibble grass! Shes 8 weeks old now and weaned. At 6 weeks she wanted nothing to do with her bottle and was eating grain, hay, and greens like the big goats. Faye and Pippi are Best Buddies. They are escaping nearly every day and both very hefty! Though I'm not worried about them escaping because I know they wont go far from the herd.

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