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Friday, 26 July 2013

More new birds


Lady Bird
Ok, so I've been blessed with a lot of birds...no really, a lot of birds. Not sure if I wrote about him or not but about a year ago my neighbor - Larissa - found a Cockatiel hanging out with her turkeys! Her husband caught him and they gave him to me. I named him Darius.  Now I already had a Cockatiel -Zach - and a Parakeet -Levi - that I had bought when we lived in New York. Darius is a very friendly bird and I am so happy to have gotten him. But then... One of my dad's employees asked if we wanted a cockatiel. she said they were moving and couldn't keep her. She also said this Cockatiel lays eggs.  So I got all excited, I thought "I can put her with Zach or Darius and have some baby Cockatiels hatched" So we took her. I named her Merriam. Though we hardly ever call her that, she's Lady Bird. So I had these four birds for a while, happy as could be.  They were all getting along great and Darius and Lady bird were very social with me. No eggs yet but I'm still waiting patiently. Then I get a text; Larissa knows someone who is trying to find a home for their two conures and they come with cages. At first mom said no way. but then we got thinking, we are buying two rather pricey dogs and we could sell these birds for puppy money. We said we'd take them.  So these two four hundred dollar birds arrived With their two massive cages, each in their own personal carriers! We put one cage in the house an put both birds in it. There is a Peach Fronted and a Jenday Conure. They both love to dance to almost any music you play (Though Casting Crowns' praise you with the dance is their favorite) And they Peach Fronted talks his head off! He says Thank you, and your welcome, Hello, Whatch' ya doin', I love you, all kinds of stuff. They are both so much fun. I fell in love with the Jenday though, We are trying to find a home for the Peach Fronted, but I'm keeping the Jenday. I named the Jenday Jezreel (jez REE el) and the other is Alex. Jezreel is very social. He loves having his head scratched, and he would sit with me all day if I let him. Such a love bug. I have recently given Zach away. I miss him a little but he went to a really good home where I think he is probably getting more of the attention that he needs. I love all my birds even if they do scream and wake me up at five am every so often. But if you know any one who is interested in a Peach Fronted Conure, we are selling :)

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