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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Crowing Hens

I discovered the other day while I was carrying water to the goats that I have a crowing chicken! I thought "Great. on of my new chicks is a rooster...." so I put my buckets down and went into the barn to hopefully see who the culprate was. I looked into the coop, they were all just standing there looking very innocent. I looked to Molly, thinking "she's got a rather large comb and bossy demeaner..."  I crowed hoping to provoke a reaction and it did. but it was coming from around the corner. My first thoughts were "who ever it was escaped." then "maybe one of the neighbors roosters got out and came to visit my hens" I rounded the corner into the them empty goat stall.....It was BABY! My Productive hen! I was dumbfounded "baby did you change gender on me!" I can not explain the thoughts that were running through my head. I googled it and sure enough if there is absence of  a rooster one of the hens may "take over" the position of rooster and start crowing. I've seen her do it since then and it is the weirdest thing having a hen that crows! 

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