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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Goat Family

I thought I'd do a post on my goats and their families...It can get VERY confusing remembering that "this goat is that goat's great cousin twice removed, from the father's side" But I will try  to clear some things up and make it as easy as possible. And maybe we will see some family resemblances!

We will start with Hakama:
Hakama - Picture from Old Mountain Farm 

Hakama is the son of   Old Mountain Farm Obsidian  and 1*M Springs Run Haiku's Kimono *D AR 1995 He is the Father of My goats Matilda and Annika 

Matilda Rose  (Tilly)
Baby Matilda 

Baby Annika - Picture from Tiny Hill Farm 

Annika (Reg. name Mishell Anet )

Now Tilly and Annika Were born on the same day and have the same Father....however they are not twins! They have different mothers. (Now it gets difficult)

Annika's mother is Tiny Hill Farm's Jill and Tilly's mom is Tiny Hill Farm's Varla. Both registered Old Mountain Farm Goats.
Now Pippi is a whole different story she is just barely related to the other goats, to be specific she, and Matilda, and Annika have the same great-great-grand-Sire, they are second Cousins. Pippi's dad is Jethro Bo-Dean son of  NC PromisedLand SS Deviant  and GCH 1*M NC PromisedLand Beau-Nanza 'VG' 88.  Her mom is Ishta daughter of Honeysuckle Ridge Dakota and  2*M AR East Rivendell HK Tulip's Girl 2*D AR.
NC Promised Land Jethro Bo-Dean - 
picture from old mountain farm

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3*M AR Old Mountain Farm
Ishta 3*D AR - 

Picture from Old Mountain Farm 
Pippi (reg. name Lila Bo-Dean)
Baby Pippi - Picture from Old Mountain Farm
Now's the easy part...my babies. They all have the same dad - Old Mountain Farm Endurance Son of Old Mountain Farm Stag and  GCH 1*M ARMCH Sugar Creek Nate's
Endurance - Picture from Old Mountain Farm

Faye's mom is  Annika 


Leipchen and Leia's mom is Tilly. 
Matilda Rose  (Tilly)
Leia and Leipchen


Now that we've got that covered I want to add that my friend has Tilly's Twin sister Ally. And she had Tilly's Niece and Nephew Lexi and Colton But unfortunately they passed away not to long after they were born. And she now has Zander, Tillys Great great great Nephew!  Leipchen and Leia's "Cousin"!  Though I don't have a picture of him.
Baby Ally 
I think that's just about it. If I have more to add I will at another time! (That wasn't too bad was it??)

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