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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lace back shirt

Here's a tutorial on how I made this lace back shirt:
First I took a dress that I never wore (and it was kind of small) and I cut the bottom off so it was the length I wanted. You can keep it long if you want and just make a Lacey dress, that would also be very pretty. I sewed the bottom of the dress onto a pair of jeans that i cut the legs and crotch out of to make a skirt. 

 Decide where exactly you want the lace and what size/shape you want. Cut out the piece and pin it on, folding the raw edges under. If there are any Lacing loops be sure you don't cover them.

Stitch in place staying as close to the edge as you can. Cut down the middle of the lace the length of your zipper, pin the zipper in place and sew it on, securing the lace in place, one side at a time. sorry no pictures for this step. (If the dress fits you fine you could skip the zipper step, this can also be done to a dress that already has a zipper. You would ust have to fold the raw edges and sew around it.)
Add your lacing/ribbon. If your dress did not have a tie, or it became lost over the years it sat in your closet not being worn, you can use any ribbon or lacing that matches. Hem the bottom 
and your shirt should be ready to wear - enjoy!

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  1. Very pretty!! Now I just need to find the time to sew!! Thanks for your visit!!