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Monday, 10 February 2014

February update

We had a fresh dusting of snow last night. Just enough to need shoveling. 
So now that the due dates are growing nearer I am able to tell that all of them are bred except for Laura. I'm trying to get her bred again which would make her due in July. Babies in July could prove to be challenging, it's very off season, I'd rather her be bred than not though. 
Leipchen, who we weren't sure was bred at all, is most certainly pregnant, and I'm guessing she's due much sooner rather than later. I think she should be one of the first to kid. I'm excited about this kidding season coming up, although I can easily wait for it. I know so many people who are impatiently, and desperately waiting for  spring's arrival. I personally love winter. Chores are so easy in the winter! It's like my brake before I'm swamped with baby goats to feed and cranky does to milk!
Don't talk with your mouths full! 

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