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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Flume Gorge

We went to the Flume!
We took a day trip with my Grandmother (Dee), and Uncle Luke. It was a lot of fun. We left the house around Six-thirty and came home around eight. We took the Kancamagus highway there, Which we found out everyone pronounces wrong! We stopped at the Basin and the Old Man of the Mountains Memorial before heading home.  I thought they did a good job with the memorial. It made you feel depressed when you left. On our way home we stopped at a shop that was in a bridge!!! It was so cool, I was like "I want a Bridge shop!" 
I'm only posting a couple pictures here but I took 401 pictures! I will be posting a lot of pictures on my  other blog link - God's World 

 Stops on the Highway
 Love the mountains!

 In the FLUME! 

 None of these pictures do it justice...

 The Pool in the Flume Gorge 

My mom said she's always loved the basin

 The memorial
 ^there he was^
 I thought it was pretty cool, 
I was going to try to describe how they did this but I couldn't think of a way. So to understand you'll just have to go see for your self!
 This is one of the Turnbuckles that was helping to hold the Old Man up, it said when they put it there is was straight and the weight of him falling bent it! 

Check out my other blog for way more pictures

oh heres a p.s. Lila had her babies! I'll post about them another time. 

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